The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. In December, what was the first U.S. city to mandate that private-sector companies require COVID vaccinations for their workers?

    1. Chicago

    2. San Francisco

    3. New York City

  2. What kind of on-the-job rest breaks does federal law require?

    1. At least two 15-minute breaks every eight hours

    2. One 30-minute break every eight hours

    3. Federal law doesn't mandate rest breaks, but some states do

  3. On average, do workers say they favor or oppose employers requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

    1. Favor by 60% to 40%

    2. Split 50%-50%

    3. Oppose by 60% to 40%

  4. About half of workers say they find "meaning and purpose" in their jobs. Which age group is most likely to say this?

    1. Gen Z c. Gen X

    2. Millennials d. Boomers

  5. Which three features (in order) do job applicants consider most essential when looking at job ads?

    1. Location, salary, benefits

    2. Salary, benefits, company size

    3. Benefits, salary, location


  6. The New York Times


  8. Gallup poll

  9. GoodHire survey

  10. Zety survey

    Answers: 1. c 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. a

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