The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. The EEOC says employers must offer their workers __ exemptions from COVID-shot mandates.

    1. Disability and political

    2. Religious and ethical

    3. Disability and religious

  2. The Department of Labor is considering raising the overtime threshold for exempt workers' salary, which is currently set at ________ .

    1. $36,558 per year

    2. $35,568 per year

    3. $41,000 per year

  3. What do employees say are the two best things (in order) about being promoted?

    1. More money, more responsibility

    2. Chance to manage, more money

    3. More money, looks good on resume

  4. In 2021, the most common frequency for employee appraisals (in order of popularity) is:

    1. Annually, twice a year, quarterly

    2. Twice a year, annually, quarterly

    3. Annually, quarterly, twice a year

  5. What percentage of supervisors say they consider remote employees "more replaceable" than on-site workers?

    1. 33%

    2. 52%

    3. 67%


  6. EEOC

  7. DOL

  8. LifeCareer survey

  9. XpertHR survey

  10. SHRM survey

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