The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. With more employers requiring COVID vaccines, the FBI is warning that ____ is a federal crime.

    1. Lying to an employer about vaccination status

    2. Making/buying fake vaccine cards

    3. Hosting vax clinics without license

  2. Among U.S. workers who recently got a raise, which gender had a higher percentage that personally requested the raise?

    1. Males

    2. Females

  3. During the pandemic, a majority of U.S. organizations said that their employees' productivity:

    1. Increased

    2. Decreased

  4. The U.S. Supreme Court this year put new limits on the ability of unions to conduct organizing efforts:

    1. Via company email

    2. Via social media

    3. On company premises

  5. What are the three most popular type of personal apps that employees use during the workday (in order):

    1. Personal email, YouTube, texting

    2. Texting, personal email, banking

    3. Personal email, banking, Facebook



  7. LiveCareer survey, 950 people

  8. The Conference Board survey

  9. U.S. Supreme Court (Cedar Point ruling)

  10. Solitaired survey, 1,200 U.S. workers

    Answers:1. b

  11. a

  12. a

  13. c

  14. b

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