The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. While job discrimination complaints by employees declined overall in 2020, which category increased?

    1. Religion

    2. Race

    3. Disability

  2. Which state/territory has the highest percentage of remote-friendly jobs--and which has the least?

    1. Most: California; Least: South Carolina

    2. Most: Washington, D.C.; Least: Kentucky

    3. Most: Connecticut; Least: Texas

  3. Which minimum wage law takes precedence over others that employers must follow?

    1. Federal

    2. State or local

    3. Whichever is higher

  4. One-fifth of employees voluntarily changed jobs in 2020. Here are the top three reasons cited by workers. What's their #1 reason?

    1. More meaningful work

    2. Work location/schedule flexibility

    3. Better benefits

  5. According to employees, who has the most influence in creating a company's culture?

    1. The CEO/owner

    2. HR

    3. All employees


  6. EEOC

  7. CareerCloud study

  8. U.S. Department of Labor

  9. IBM survey

  10. Speakap survey

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