The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. Which segment of employees are the most willing to get vaccinated against COVID?

    1. Females, under age 40

    2. Males, under age 40

    3. Males, over age 40

  2. New rules on workplace compliance posters say you can use electronic-only postings if:

    1. All your employees work remotely all the time

    2. All employees work remotely at least half the time

    3. Half of your employees work remotely all the time

  3. Among discrimination lawsuits filed against employers by the EEOC in 2020, what was the most popular allegation?

    1. Sex discrimination

    2. Age discrimination

    3. Race discrimination

  4. A new Labor Department ruling says employees can now use _____ to determine if they have an FMLA-qualifying condition.

    1. A note from their pharmacist

    2. Video/online visit with their doctor

    3. Printed articles off the internet

  5. In the 12 months since the pandemic began, which month saw the most COVID-related employment lawsuits filed?

    1. July 2020

    2. October 2020

    3. January 2021


  6. Keystone Partners survey

  7. U.S. Department of Labor

  8. EEOC fiscal year report

  9. U.S. Department of Labor

  10. Littler COVID Tracker

    Answers: 1. c 2. a 3. a 4. b 5. b

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