The History of Bulgarian Air Power.

AuthorBobrow, Carl J.
PositionBook review

The History of Bulgarian Air Power. By Dimitar Nedialkov, Published by Albatros MDV, Bulgaria, 2013; Pp. 479. Photographs. Maps. Illustrations. $44.00 ISBN 978-954-509-471-2

This authoritative and excellent work, written by a Bulgarian Air Force colonel (and still-active MiG--21 and -29 pilot) is from first glance an obviously well-researched and quite comprehensive history. As the title implies, it is a complete look at the relatively unknown history of Bulgarian military aviation development. The book is well illustrated in the Putnam books style with 789 black-and-white photographs, most of which were new to me. Those and the many maps, charts, and illustrations all complement the text well.

Nedialkov examines not only aircraft and pilots that flew for Bulgaria but also those machines that were built and, in some cases, designed in Bulgaria. He also provides the political and social events behind the formation of the Bulgarian aviation arm. The timeframe covered is from just prior to the Balkan War of 1912 through 2010. The section on World War I is replete with Bulgaria's activities as part of the Central Powers, of which very little has been previously detailed elsewhere. Of course, the inter-war years and World War II are meticulously covered; those who are interested in this period will not be disappointed. The post-war transformation to a Soviet-Russian system is extremely well documented and provides great insight into the emergence of Cold-War politics and the activities of an...

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