The Future of Law.

Author:Porch, Alice M.
Position:Book review

The Future of Law

by Frank Ramos

Technology is changing the legal landscape at a rapid pace. To understand these changes, Frank Ramos explores the effects of technology in his seventh book, The Future of Law. Using his experience, Ramos examines the ways technology has changed the legal industry from when he first became a lawyer. His book offers an insightful analysis of how these ongoing changes will get faster and larger as time progresses "like a snowball rolling down a hill."

The book begins by explaining how the internet brought major changes to practicing law. In the past, firms had to invest in law libraries where they stored a large amount of reference materials for legal research. Back then, lawyers often communicated with their clients by mailing a letter. When the internet emerged, it became the "great equalizer" because everyone had access to everything. Now, legal resources are available online, and lawyers can communicate with their clients by

sending emails, text messages, and accessing secure web portals.

In the current environment, law firms are feeling the pressure to operate more efficiently. The book considers how the marketplace is evolving from brick-and-mortar locations to website interactions. Following this trend, potential clients will expect more legal services to be accessible online, and they will seek firms that offer competitive pricing.

Looking into the future, the book reveals that innovative ideas will distinguish law firms from each other. To stay competitive...

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