The future is now.

Author:Weber, Jill

When Stanley Kubrick introduced his epic film 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968, his depiction of a computer named HAL--with human-like communications and a mind of its own--was viewed as science fiction. Just last year, IBM introduced ROSS, "your brand new artificially intelligent lawyer" with access to "a vast legal database that effortlessly reads through and finds numerous answers for any legal question." With several law firms signing on to leverage ROSS to "improve work processes, reduce costs and generate better results for clients," what was once only considered science fiction is now reality for today's legal marketer.

Educating members on current and future developments that will impact their professional careers is an important area of focus for LMA. In 2016, the LMA Board of Directors turned to the Hall of Fame for their insights on what would be "the next big thing" for legal marketers. Elonide Semmes and Mark T. Greene responded with a thoughtful analysis of the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on legal marketing. In addition to the many law firms that are adopting AI to streamline processes and create efficiencies, many corporate clients have already embraced AI. In the December issue of Corporate Counsel...

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