The Foreign Correspondent.

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*** The Foreign Correspondent By Alan Furst On the spy beat.

As a reporter, Carlo Weisz is used to making discreet use of his many sources. But when he is solicited to take the reins of an underground newspaper following the murder of its previous editor, Weisz enters a world where prudence and secrecy are tantamount. The paper, Liberazione, is the Paris-based voice of the Italian resistance; it is 1938, and emotions are running particularly high as the ill-fated Mussolini and Hitler prepare for what will devolve into World War II. Weisz scuttles across Europe, evading the Italian secret police, carrying on love a. airs, and keeping faith with the virtues of the fourth estate.

Random House. 288 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 1400060192

Ft. Worth Star Telegram ****

"Part of what's captivating about this book is its apparent simplicity: In direct, vivid style, Furst captures the ambiguity of a world in which loyalty is hard to define." CARLO WOLFF

Wall Street Journal ****

"Whether he is teasing out the intrigues of dueling spy agencies, or of ordinary citizens who reluctantly join the fray, Mr. Furst gives us a world where there are few pure motives or decisive victories." WILLIAM BIRDTHISTLE

USA Today ***1/2

"Furst's own turf is the no-questions Paris hotel, the tabac, the night train across the border, the tramp freighter under a moonless sky.... But Weisz and his story will feel a bit too familiar to those for whom Furst's best--Night Soldiers, Kingdom of Shadows , The World at Night--were genuine discoveries." JAMES COX

Milwaukee Jrnl Sentinel ***

"Some of his earlier novels, such as The Polish Officer and Kingdom of Shadows, are truly thrilling, while this one has less zip. It does, however, succeed in taking its reader into a milieu of long-ago war and politics that remains germane today." PHILIP SEIB

Boston Globe **

"The man has written a...

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