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A Multitude Of Hope

Peter Weddle

Epicenter Books

c/o News & Experts

3478 Turman Loop, Suite 101

Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

9781928734710, $ 14.95,

Author Peter Weddle draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a writer and publisher in the field of business and career management to pen a work of ficition that does what dry monographs could never hope to accomplish - put a human face on the problems of job loss due to market forces that are beyond the ability of ordinary men and women to affect. "A Multitude Of Hope is a 340-page novel that lays out the lives of three white-collar professionals who suddenly find themselves in need of jobs--a hard thing to do in today's economic doldrums. So they turn to something they term 'economic disobedience* in their respective efforts to reacquire their versions of the 'American Dream' despite the odds against them. "A Multitude Of Hope" may be a superbly crafted work of fiction, but it is also a reflection of the world we now live in, making it a highly recommended addition to personal reading lists and community library collections.


Richard Cottrell

Progressive Press

PO Box 12834

Palm Desert, CA 92255-2834

1615776877, $16.95,

In "Gladio, NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis", author Richard Cottrell has written a particularly well crafted 'alternate history' novel based upon the iconoclastic premise that after World War II, NATO forces engaged in an ideological war of mayhem and murder on the European continent using opposition to Soviet Union nationsubverting activities as a cover story. NATO forces join with European Mafia and neo-fascist elements to shape national alliances and effect the assignation of key opposition figures ranging from Charles DeGaul to John F. Kennedy. A riveting work of speculative fiction, "Gladio" is one of those thoughtful and thought-provoking 'what if' novels that compel the reader's total and rapt attention from beginning to end!

Hunter's Escape: Quest for Freedom

J. C. Hager

Greenstone Publishing

7253 Graal Shores

Rapid River, MI 49878

9780979754630 $14.95

Part of the Matt Hunter Adventure series of action-packed novels, Hunter's Escape: Quest for Freedom begins with Matt and Tanya Hunter's honeymoon cruise, which is interrupted by the discovery of a bloody, dehydrated Cuban refugee adrift on a battered catamaran. When they take him to receive medical treatment, they cross paths with a ruthless Mexican gangster. Corrupt officials, murderous pirates, and harsh conditions within a Cuban prison threaten to claim their lives - does Matt have any hope of rescuing himself, his bride, or the refugee? Readers who enjoy this engaging high adventure will also savor the previous Matt Hunter Adventure novels, "Hunter's Secret: Wreck of the Carol K" (9780979754661, $14.95) and "Hunter's Choice" (9780979754654, $15.95).

The Gospel of Damascus

Omar Imady

MSI Press

1760-F Airline Highway, #203

Hollister, CA 95023

9781933455105, $14.95,

Faith is a major force, and when you dedicate your whole life to it, its failures and successes definitely contribute to the greater picture. "The Gospel of Damascus" is a novel from...

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