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Sticking Points

Shirley Kurtz

DreamSeeker Books

c/o Cascadia Publishing House

126 Klingerman Road, Telford, PA 18969

9781931038812 $18.95

The first volume of the DreamSeeker fiction series, Sticking Points is a novel following an woman who, amid her domestic and cooking duties, is beside herself with philosophical contemplation of the Biblical narrative. She turns the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Cain and Abel over and over in her mind, questioning a religious narrative that involves so much horrifying violence. At last she finds herself compelled to express her criticism of such cavalier treatment of human life in supposedly holy texts - what does this in turn say about church doctrine, and the church itself? A moving work that smoothly blends religious philosophy and the rigors of day-to-day domestic life into a thoughtful whole, sticking points leaves an unforgettable impression.

Warped Intentions

S. B. Redd

MavLit Publishing

PO Box 1103, Irmo, SC 29063

9780983115267, $14.95,

The intentions of a new entrant into your life should rarely be taken at face value. "Warped Intentions" follows reporter Garner Davis, who enters into a new relationship with Vernise Aikens and finds his investigative skills compromised. As he tries to understand the conflict of lust and reason, he asks many questions we face in today's world. "Warped Intentions" is an excellent read that shouldn't be immediately overlooked for general fiction readers.

Crowns and Rose

K. L. Green

Rubeus Books

4631 Pipeline Rd., Victoria, BC Canada V8Z 5M6

9780986644177, $19.99,

For power, killing a cousin is nothing. "Crowns and Roses: Shakespeare's Tales of the Lancasters and the Yorks" is a retelling of medieval political intrigue. Spinning this tale of war and subterfuge into a more modern tongue while maintaining the spirit behind it all and making it read well into a novel form from the usual theater presentation. "Crowns and Roses" is a fun and riveting read that will entertain for hours for fans of stories surrounding the power hunger of nobility.

Dying Within

Patricia Kelly

Renewal Publishing

PO Box 536, W. Hempstead, NY 11552

9781450770149, $25.00,

The darkness of life resonates strongly. "Dying Within" is a novel of high school sweethearts torn by the cruelty of life and what comes their way. Although they have love that is strong, it faces the worst that mankind can offer and they may find happiness if they can endure their way through all of it. "Dying Within" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked by general fiction and romance collections, highly recommended.

Jane Was Here

Sarah Kernochan

Grey Swan Press

c/o Kelley & Hall (publicity)

5 Briar Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945

9780980037722, $24.95,

When the mystery you're trying to deduct is your own existence, it can prove to easily spiral out of control. "Jane Was Here" is a novel from Sarah Kernochan, following simply Jane as she comes to a small New England town and the spirals of reality and thought that come at her in very small bits of familiarity. As she realizes who she is and what her town means to her, she is frightened but must dig ever deeper. "Jane Was Here" is a riveting work with plenty of mystery and paranormal blended in to entice readers further.


Jason Skipper

Press 53

PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130

9781935708346, $18.95,

In search of our dreams, we'll do anything we can to make them more of a reality. "Hustle" is the debut novel of Jason Skipper as he weaves the story of three generations trying to make their way towards what they want to make of their lives. The grandfather has the weight of his past deeds on him, seeking redemption. The father has lost sight of what love is, and the son wants to make his love of music something greater than hobby. Weaving the tale together well, "Hustle" is a fine tale of family, dreams, and what we will do for them, highly recommended.

The Fall from Paradise Valley

Virginia Nosky

Champagne Books

6709 East Valley, Vista Lane,

Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

9781926996011, $15.95,

Ennui can lead those with nothing to fear down a very dark path. "The Fall from Paradise Valley" tells a story of women drifting from their lives after having everything they thought they could ever want handed to them. From affairs that can destroy families and careers, facing the reality of their lives, and breaking the facade of happiness, "The Fall from Paradise Valley" is a riveting read of the charm of life gone awry.

Green Girl

Kate Zambreno

Emergency Press

154 W. 27th Street #5W, New York, NY 10001

9780983022633, $16.00,

Attention is something we both shun yet want at the same time. "Green Girl" follows young Ruth, an American girl in London who is trying to find her way through life's many twists and turns. As through young adulthood we try to assess what we do with our lives, Ruth's story is no different, as she finds herself pulled in many directions and left with far too many questions trying to make sense of it all. "Green Girl" is an excellent and very much recommended read for general fiction...

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