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It's Nothing Personal

Kate O'Reilley

Quandary Publishing

PO Box 631129

Littleton, CO 80163-1129

9780988663312 $15.99

Based on true events, It's Nothing Personal is a chilling medical drama of thoughtless cruelty and murder by proxy. Jenna Reiner is an anesthesiologist who takes pride in her skillful work - but when a drug addict scrub technician contaminates the needles Jenna uses, her injections becomes a potential death sentence. For months, and completely without remorse, the addict stole drugs, used the needles to inject them, then returned the contaminated needles for the hospital to use. As patients fall ill to the addict's communicable and potentially fatal disease of hepatitis C, a tremendous public health scare arises. From whom can the infected patients seek justice - the hospital? The addict? Or Jenna herself, who unknowingly delivered the disease-ridden injections? A tangled court battle threatens to destroy Jenna's life, in this thoughtful yet worrisome novel about the dark side of medicine. Highly recommended.

There Is No Mrs. Gezunterman

Kevin Mednick

Savvy Press

PO Box 63

Salem, NY 12865

9781939113047 $14.95 pbk. / $3.99 Kindle

There Is No Mrs. Gezunterman: A Corporate Comedy is a darkly funny, tongue-in cheek novel about corporations versus people. When one customer is pushed to far by an inane, beaureucraic corporate rule, it ignites a blazing rebellion from like-minded, downtrodden people, culminating in a dramatic court case. A wicked sense of humor permeates this quasi-dystopian quandary, down to the last, eyebrow-raising page!

The Third Peril

L.P. Hoffman

Hope Springs Media

PO Box 11

Prospect, Virginia 23960-0011

9781935375043 $14.95

The Third Peril is a novel that merges elements of historical fiction and contemporary suspense. In 1777, as he fought and suffered to win freedom for the fledgling nation of America, General George Washington received a divine revelation at Valley Forge: "Three great perils will come upon this nation," and "The Third Peril will be the worst". The first two great trials were destined to be the Revolutionary War and the Civil War; in the modern day, a terrible shadow looms. Influenced by a profound premonition, five-year-old Connor Hays, son of the Chief Economic Advisor to the President, warns that "War is coming to America!" But will anyone listen to a child, let alone believe him? Re-examining the underpinnings of crises that can topple powerful nations, The Third Peril is a...

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