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Saint Sebastian's Head

LeAnn Neal Reilly

Zephon Books

3 Billings Way, Framington, MA 01701

9780982687529, $14.95,

The past can't be fled from forever. "Saint Sebastian's Head' is the story of Weeble, who, after finding everything she wanted out of life, is forced to face a childhood she never understood, and the man who tried to destroy her life before it got started. A story of life and interpersonal and familial intrigue set in the 1980s mid-western America, "Saint Sebastian's Head" is a thoughtful and riveting novel.

The Last Good Horse

David Martin Anderson

ConRoca Publishing

132 Ridge Trail, Boerne, TX 78006

9781892617163, $15.95,

Young Billy Bartell finds his calling with horses, which are quickly becoming an endangered species. "The Last Good Horse" follows Billy as he leaves behind a mortician destiny to find work with a dying species of horse in the American west. As he is faced with the potential of eradicating a species or defying and saving some good horses, "The Last Good Horse" is a riveting novel that horse lovers everywhere will quite enjoy.

Love Beyond the City

Andrew Fitzmorris

Plain & Simple Books

66513 Schoolhouse Rd., North Bend, OR 97459

9781463584450, $15.95,

When one makes a move to follow the dream, we can often stumble and leave ourselves worse than when we started. "Love Beyond the City" follows Leopold Roman, an artist who chooses to go to New York to spark his passion, and finds love. But questioning the loss of his small town life, he faces an emotional dilemma. "Love Beyond the City" is a thoughtful introspection into the conflicts of big city and small town life.

Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories

Corey Mesler

Aqueous Books

PO Box 12784, Pensacola, FL 32591

9780982673461, $14.00,

The world of literature and understanding it has many twists and turns. "Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories" is a collection of short fiction from Corey Mesler as he collects knowledge and wisdom from many sources of the world. With humor and thought woven throughout it all, looking at the world of faith, philosophy, monsters, and when something truly unexpected comes your way and leaves you amazed that it could actually happen. "Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories" is a fine assortment of short works, very much recommended.

The Burnt Christian

H. McCormick

TBT Publisher

PO Box 502, Mt. Dora, Florida, 32756

9780983768708, $15.00...

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