The face shop: a health and beauty line communicates brand value with the promise of aesthetic sense.

Position:PACKAGING Spotlight

The connection between brand positioning and brand identity must be strong. The link must be obvious. Nowhere is this more evident than in personal care products.

THEFACESHOP is a South Korea-baved retailer of body; bath skin care and makeup products for both men and women. It is the leading Korean-branded shop in the cosmetics market, expanding its influence in the based on the support of consumers from Korea, as well as China and Japan.


Naturalism is the central brand-positioning clement behind its marketing strategies. The company places the highest value on sharing the beautifying benefits of nature. This key-point of differentiation is what the company is based on, and therefore it is essential that it be effectively communicated to consumers. Staying committed to this brand concept has put THEFACESHOP in first place in the branded shop cosmetics market after it successfully Jed differentiation strategies such as establishing a small-quantity batch production system, realizing an upgrade and diversification of products to satisfy the growing demands of consumers, and offering a reasonable price by minimizing distribution stages.

The success of THEFACESHOP has revitalized the branded shop cosmetics market, which has fueled an increase in competitors, which continue to expand and heat up the competition in price, service and the number of shops. THEFACESHOP currently has 920 shops around the country and recorded more than $250 million in sales in 2010, maintaining its top market position. However, there is a growing need for its "differentiation strategy" to outplay competitors and late starters and keep its dominance in the market.

"We needed a new strategy to help differentiate us from competitors and to keep our market share leadership position," says Seon-yeong Park, part leader of the Design Team of THEFACESHOP. "For this, the design team decided to create a new package that can tell our brands story while capturing the eyes of the customers with differentiated containers and designs. However, it was not easy to apply this idea to tube products. Our existing tube packaging had limited billboard space to make strong enough visual expressions. Also, the unbalance ot color and texture between the pressure-sensitive label and substrate could decrease high-end brand image. Therefore, we wanted to focus on the visual presentation of the brand's core value - naturalism."

For example, before the launch of its new...

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