Author:Polnaya, Irene
Position:Report - Abstract


Quality lecturer performance is needed by college institutions in the effort to improve the lecturer performance and then the lecturer should get satisfaction in work fist. Lecturer performance in implementing their function not independent, but influenced by work satisfaction, reward, skills, abilities and individual characteristics. Because of that, partnerlawyer model, individual performance basically influenced by factors (1) reward expectation (2) motivation (3) ability, needs and character (4) perception toward task (5) internal and external reward (6) perception toward reward and work satisfaction (Mathis, 2000).

Soft skill is a skill that able to form strong personality to strengthen professional competence in the hard skill. The more soft skill owned the stronger personality of the lecturer. Currently, it is easy for the private college to get an institution to handle soft skills training. Soft skills training grow rapidly; recall the problem of the nation at the human resources. Soft skills are the self-ability that cannot be seen and can be ground down with learning by doing, various training or seminar or learning and doing activities with others. Basically, organizational culture in the organization is a tool to integrate each individual which do activities together.

According to Umar, compensation can be meant as something accepted by an employee as a reward for service or work. Appropriate compensation means able to fulfill the primary need of the lecturer. By giving sufficient compensation, able to give motivation to the lecturer to improve their performance. Generally, the human behavior is behavior which aware to goal, useful for their life. To know whether the compensation influence toward work performance and impact to the work satisfaction, has been investigated in the research especially to the lecturers of private colleges in Ambon city.

Soft Skills in the World of Education

In order to realize the ideals of the intellectual life of the nation, kemendiknas has a vision 2025 to produce Insan Indonesia Smartphone comprehensive and competitive (Insan Kamil/Insan Plenary Session). What is meant by insane Indonesia smartphone is insane that smartphone comprehensive, namely smartphone spiritual, smartphone emotional, social smartphone intellectuals and smartphone kinesthetic. The vision is very precise in anticipation of changes in education paradigm XIX century that according to the National Education Standards Agency, one of the characteristics of the twentieth century XXI is (BSNP, 2006): Science will increasingly converge, follows the implication, especially against: research, the philosophy of science, paradigm of education and the curriculum.

College graduates are expected to not only Master of Science, technology or art on a specific area but also controls the additional skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to think logically, the ability to learn and others. This additional capability called soft skills. As already discussed above, job requirements not only emphasize on the quality of the graduates that only emphasize the mastery of hard skills (technical ability and academic) only but also the mastery of soft skills. In the fulfillment, the business industry needs the work, of course, will result in a paradigm change (think pattern) in the learning process. Change mindset that can meet the learning process that can produce the quality of graduates as expected by the labor market will require graduates able to grasp the meaning of the competencies in educational namely cognition, psychometric aspects and effective.

The Culture of the Organization

Many countries, to describe the concept of the culture according to The International Encyclopedia of The Social Sciences (1972) used two approaches the study of anthropology 1900-1950 period i.e. 1) Approach process pattern (process the paten theory, culture paten United States basic) 2) structural-functional approach (structural functional theory, social culture United States basic) developed by (Ndraha, 2003), both the theory is covered in the definition of culture in the broad sense given Taylor namely: that culture or the culture is a unity and the entire complex includes knowledge, trust moral arts, customs and ability and other habits that belongs to man as a member of the community. This definition and then developed further in the discipline of sociology and then widely use these words to describe the various phenomenon that occurs in the community groups or specific communities.

The term culture (culture) initially popular in the discipline of anthropology. The word Culture (culture) comes from the Latin colere means manage, working, usually associated with processing activities the land. The term culture (culture) developed into all power and human efforts to change the nature. Culture (culture) has many meaning and connotation, According To Schein (1992) that the culture must be used for the level of assumptions and the belief that more in the felt together by the members of an organization that works without realizing.


A way of the department of personnel in an effort to improve employee work motivation is through the compensation. Compensation is all things that received the employees as a reply to work. The purpose of the purpose of compensation is to help meet the needs of the employees outside the needs of a...

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