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Catfish and Bass and Other Tales

Patricia J. Norton

Short Vowel Phonics

309 N. Jefferson, #222-C, Springfield, MO 65806

9780981771052, $19.95,

Mastery of English language is something that doesn't come overnight. "Catfish and Bass and Other Tales: Short Vowel Phonics 5" is a short picture book crafted to help young readers gain a better grasp of the finer words of the English language, using a charming story to get them feeding. Focusing on compound words and certain sounds, as well as use of y as a vowel, "Catfish and Bass and Other Tales" is a choice pick for the young child learning to read.

Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools

Porter Sargent Handbooks

Alloy Education

11 Beacon St., Ste 1400, Boston, MA 02108-3099

9780875581705, $27.00,

Summer Camp has been a tradition for many children to spend their summer vacations for...

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