Author:Ellis, Josh

A friend once described adulthood as the continual process of convincing yourself that if I can just get through these next couple of weeks, things will finally settle down.

It's especially fitting to those of us who work at magazines and are always aware of the next looming deadline. But recently, I found myself doubting if there would be any light at the end of the tunnel at all. I had been extremely busy and feeling in over my head with extra projects at work. My wife's mother had been in and out of the hospital for months. Projects around the house were piling up. It all just felt like too much to handle at once.

And right around then, an advance copy of Marie Forleo's new book landed on my desk. I never judge them by the cover, but when you get as many books in the mail as I do, you start to read a lot into the title. Hers couldn't have delivered a better message for me at that time: Everything is Figureoutable.

I read the book over the weekend, and still found time to sweep out the leaves that had piled up in the garage and move the daybed. I felt more confident in the support I could offer my wife. I came to work on Monday and got ahead of some of the lingering problems.

Things haven't finally settled down. They've gone off the rails since--several times, in fact. But I have...

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