The Un-Death of Me.

Author:Summers, Julie
Position:Book review

The Un-Death of Me

Alicia Su Lozeron

Asia-America Connection Society

9780998194127, $26.99, HC, 282pp,

Synopsis: Avery Mingli Lian was a beauty queen and pageant winner who emigrated from Taipei to New York City circa 1990 attending Columbia University as an English Literature major. She had complete control and command of the English language, but her accent and looks exposed her to extreme discrimination, stereotyping, and insensitivity.

Her understanding of history and literature rivaled great minds, yet she couldn't get past the fact she was alone, in a big city, unable to feel any level of self-worth, accomplishment, fulfillment, or true human connection. Upon becoming a member of a well-to-do established New York City family by marriage, she struggled to create her own identity, and to escape the trappings of what a traditional woman and wife should be.

Avery Mingli Liang is the story of an immigrant woman, whose life journey took her through not only various parts of the world, but also high society engagements, political intrigue, and betrayal. She bolted from an unhappy marriage and existence on the road to discovery, self-awareness, and enlightenment, only to witness further scandalous incidents of both the high and the low societies.

Now Avery's quest for happiness had an anchor. However, could they build on what they learned and sustain their happiness together? Or was their life together yet another futile pursuit of illusions and dreams? These were the questions Avery Mingli Liang sought to answer...

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