The Dancer Upstairs.


A film by John Malkovich Language: English Release date: April 30, 2003

Two-time Academy Award nominee John Malkovich makes his directorial debut with this film based upon a novel of the same name by British author Nicholas Shakespeare. Set in an unnamed Latin American nation, Javier Bardem plays a former lawyer turned police officer. An elusive guerrilla leader named Ezequiel wages a terror campaign of bombing and targeted assassinations against the corrupt regime, and Bardem's character, Agustin Rejas, must stop him.

Inspired by the real-life manhunt of Abiemal Guzman Reynoso, leader of Peru's Shining Path, the story details Rejas's search and growing involvement with his daughter's ballet instructor, who is linked to Ezequiel. Filmed in Argentina, Portugal, and Ecuador, Dancer is openly inspired and pays homage to the seventies-era films of director Costas Gavras, but it never rises to the uncompromising focus of that body of work.

One of the most blatant problems is...

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