The Critical Role of Mentorship

AuthorJohn P. Box Jr.
The Critical Role
of Mentorship
If you are a Gen Xer or Boomer, you may be thinking, “Let me get this
straight: Millennials are extremely confident in their own abilities and
they don’t believe in hierarchies. So, where exactly do I fit in?” The
answer may surprise you. You are absolutely critical in the development
and mentorship of your firm’s young associates. Simply put, your Mil-
lennial associates really, really want to learn from you and work closely
with you. According to a human resources solutions firm, 90 percent of
Millennials would like to have regular check-ins with their superiors.1
Neil Howe, who coined the term “Millennial,” explained that “most
Millennials want to bond with an employer who will partner with them
to achieve their lifelong career goals.”2 In the age of super-confident, flat-
hierarchy-embracing young employees, your role as a mentor has never
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