The Cradle of Man and Blues for Amiri.

Author:Lim, Genny

The Cradle of Man In Remembrance of the Black lives lost to racial violence Words fall in slack mouthed silence Mothers' eyes trained towards a cliff none can see where the sun sets on youthful limbs tethered to air unstrung from life, unstrung from despair Their Black bodies are the maps and bones of human genesis birthed in Africa and disclaimed in America Blues for Amiri Somebody blew up America And you knew who, Amiri Somebody blew up the Blues in 9-11 time, in lock-step tempo with dancing Israelis and royal Saudis Sh-h-h! There's a devil in the house! You warned us of the clandestine Bush-raelis and Saudis of the Larry Silversteins copping 4.6 billion for a building he 'pulled' himself You tipped us to the WTC and paper media not worth the air it travels on Somebody blew himself up in order to blame somebody else Yeah, sounds lame and insane? But the truth be stranger than lies Somebody blew up the Cradle of Civilization Somebody messed up Mesopotamia and all her ancient treasures on a handshake! With all that oil bleeding from her womb With all the midwives of profit and doom lusting for the payout of the century! Oh, somebody pulled the wool over our eyes and laughed all the way to the World Bank, Halliburton and Dick Cheney's house! Somebody staged the planets and the planes Somebody staged the execution of Saddam Somebody staged the assassination of Bin Laden Somebody staged the Boston massacre bombers Somebody detonated the bombs at the Twin Towers for a photo-op and reality T-V Somebody drank the kool-aid Somebody stole our votes in Florida and let the wolves run out of the pack-Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Bremer Somebody took the terrorists out of the country and left the country in terror Somebody massacred women and babies and called it collateral damage Somebody went to the WTO to fix all the rules and the G-4 S to demand protection Somebody blew up America just to up the ante Somebody blew up America for the 1% and stole all the wealth through inside trading and offshore thefts Somebody left you and me holding the bag and looking into the empty barrels of guns Somebody gave us Facebook...

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