The cost of repealing Obamacare.

Author:West, Jim
Position:ON THE LINE

This is insulin. It keeps six-year-old Julius Barbieri alive. Julius developed Type 1 diabetes when he was three. There is no cure. It is his "pre-existing condition."


Julius needs to have his blood sugar monitored closely. At left, a health care aide at Troy Union Elementary School, where Julius is in kindergarten, takes a blood sample. This must be done at school or at home six to ten times a day. Julius's mom must carefully weigh everything that Julius eats and then calculate how much insulin she needs for four to six injections a day to keep his blood sugar at a safe level.


Medical assistant Klea Tesho examines Julius, checking his leg where insulin is frequently injected. Julius will need a high level of health care all his life. For now, he is covered by good health insurance under his dad's plan. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, will his...

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