The Corporate 100 of 2000.


This is the 8th year that Alaska Business Monthly has produced the Corporate 100 Listing, comprised of some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses in the state. All included on this prestigious listing have significantly contributed to Alaska's economy during 1999.

This contribution may be in the form of jobs created, revenues produced, a recent expansion, new products or services or donations to support community projects and non-profit organizations. For example, Arctic Slope Regional Corp., one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, had 1999 revenues of $875 million, and employed an average of 5,225 individuals. Ghemm Company Inc., a commercial general contractor performing new and remodel construction projects in Northern Alaska, employed about 80 in 1999 and contributed to a dozen or so non-profit organizations. Then there's Alaska Commercial Co., the largest rural retailer of merchandise and groceries in Alaska, which has a wholesale division that sells groceries to over 80 rural grocery stores.

Many of the businesses listed were recommended by mayors in the communities they do business in, based on economic impact to that community. Examples include FedEx-Alaska Operations, Alaska Airlines Inc., Arco Alaska Inc., The Frontiersman and National Bank of Alaska.

You may note that some obvious choices for the Corporate 100 didn't make the list--such as Fred Meyer, Alaska Marketplace and Wal-Mart. While every effort was made to survey all major businesses in Alaska, some chose not to participate because they did not want to release proprietary information, have a policy against filling out surveys for media, or for other unknown reasons.

Overall, in reviewing this listing, you should get a pretty good snapshot of what types of businesses are contributing to Alaska and note new trends in industry leaders. Alaska Business Monthly takes pride in compiling this listing for your benefit, and salutes those companies that help Alaska grow into a more diversified and economically strong state.

Alaska Aerofuel Inc. P.O. Box 60669 Fairbanks, AK 99706 474-0062 Fax: 474-0085 E-Mail: Key Personnel: Thomas Murray, Pres./CEO Robert Hawkins, VP/GM Paul Gibson, Treas./Office Mgr. Alaska Airlines Inc. Parent Company: 4750 W. Int'l Airport Rd. Alaska Air Group Anchorage, AK 99502 19300 Int'l Blvd. 266-7200 Fax: 266-7229 Seattle, WA 98168 WWW Address: Key Personnel: John Kelly, Chairman/CEO Bill Ayer, Pres. Alaska Commercial Co. Parent Company: 550 W. 64th Ave. The North West Co. Anchorage, AK 99518 77 Main St. 273-4600 Fax: 273-4800 Winnipeg, Manitoba, WWW Address: CA R36 2R1 Key Personnel: Jerry Bittner, Pres./COO Dick Hodge, VP/Large Store Ops. Rex Wilhelm, VP/Small Store Ops. Alaska Communications Systems 510 L St., Ste. 500 Anchorage, AK 99501 297-3000 Fax: 297-3153 E-Mail: WWW Address: Key Personnel: Charles E. Robinson, Chairman/CEO Wesley Carson, Pres./COO Donn Wonnell, Ex. VP/Gen. Counsel Alaska Computer Brokers 551 W. Diamond Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99515 267-4200 Fax: 267-4246 E-Mail: WWW Address: Key Personnel: Russell Ball, Owner Dave Lamothe, Sales Mgr. Shawn Purviance, Technology Mgr. Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc. 8192 Viking Dr. Anchorage, AK 99501 276-7201 Fax: 279-1543 Key Personnel: Josef Boehm, Pres. Jeff Bartenstein, Sec./Tres. Mike Kangas, Purchasing Dir. Alaska Aerofuel Inc. Type of Business: P.O. Box 60669 Tourism Fairbanks, AK 99706 Business Description: 474-0062 Fax: 474-0085 Fixed-based operation at Fairbanks E-Mail: International Airport. Services Key Personnel: include aircraft support and Thomas Murray, Pres./CEO petroleum freight hauling. Cold Robert Hawkins, VP/GM Weather testing support, home Paul Gibson, Treas./Office Mgr. heating oil, UPS and Federal Express maintenance and aviation support at Ft. Wainwright and Galena. Community Involvement: Arranges accommodations such as hotel rooms, rental cars, catering, river boat rides, sled dog rides, and flight-in trips for pilots and passengers of corporate jets. Alaska Airlines Inc. Type of Business: 4750 W. Int'l Airport Rd. Transportation & Public Utilities Anchorage, AK 99502 Business Description: 266-7200 Fax: 266-7229 Air transportation, vacation WWW Address: packages, cargo services. Key Personnel: Community Involvement: John Kelly, Chairman/CEO Make-a-Wish, Air Life Line, Bill Ayer, Pres. University of Alaska Foundation, Shriners, Fred Hutchison, Leukiemia Society, American Cancer Society, Nature Conservancy of Alaska/Washington/Oregon. Donates over $2 million in air transportation yearly. Alaska Commercial Co. Type of Business: 550 W. 64th Ave. Wholesale Trade Anchorage. AK 99518 Business Description: 273-4600 Fax: 273-4800 Largest rural retailer of WWW Address: merchandise and groceries in Key Personnel: Alaska, including a wholesale Jerry Bittner, Pres./COO division that sells groceries to Dick Hodge, VP/Large Store Ops. over 80 rural grocery stores. Rex Wilhelm, VP/Small Store Ops. Community Involvement: DND Alaska Communications Systems Type of Business: 510 L St., Ste. 500 Communications Anchorage, AK 99501 Business Description: 297-3000 Fax: 297-3153 Local telephone, long distance, E-Mail: wireless, Internet and data WWW Address: communications services to three- Key Personnel: fourths of Alaska's population. Charles E. Robinson, Chairman/CEO Operating under several well-known Wesley Carson, Pres./COO Alaska names, including ATU Donn Wonnell, Ex. VP/Gen. Counsel Communications, PTI Communications, ATU Long Distance, Mactel and PTI Net. Community Involvement: Supports an aggressive donations/ contribution policy. Employee volunteerism in the non-profit community and corporate sponsorship of worthy events. Alaska Computer Brokers Type of Business: 551 W. Diamond Blvd. Services Anchorage, AK 99515 Business Description: 267-4200 Fax: 267-4246 Computer-related hardware, E-Mail: software and accessories. WWW Address: Professional-certified technical Key Personnel: services. Computer repairs and Russell Ball, Owner upgrades. Warranty service, Dave Lamothe, Sales Mgr. network engineering and Shawn Purviance, Technology Mgr. preventative maintenance programs. Community Involvement: Sponsor of Dee Dee Jonrowe (Iditarod), Alaska Hi-Tech Business Counsel, supports various local computer organizations. School/business partnership with Anchorage School District. Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc. Type of Business: 8192 Viking Dr. Wholesale Trade Anchorage, AK 99501 Business Description: 276-7201 Fax: 279-1543 Tools, hardware, construction Key Personnel: supplies, small equipment, safety Josef Boehm, Pres. equipment, ladders, industrial Jeff Bartenstein, Sec./Tres. supplies, fasteners. Mike Kangas, Purchasing Dir. Community Involvement: United Way. Alaska Aerofuel Inc. Year Founded: 1982 P.O. Box 60669 Estab. in Alaska: 1982 Fairbanks, AK 99706 No. of Locations: 1 474-0062 Fax: 474-0085 1999 Sales DND E-Mail: 1998 Sales DND Key Personnel: F.T. Employees 26 Thomas Murray, Pres./CEO P.T. Employees 3 Robert Hawkins, VP/GM Total Employees 29 Paul Gibson, Treas./Office Mgr. Alaska Airlines Inc. Year Founded: 1932 4750 W. Int'l Airport Rd. Estab. in Alaska: 1932 Anchorage, AK 99502 No. of Locations: DND 266-7200 Fax: 266-7229 1999 Sales DND WWW Address: 1998 Sales DND Key Personnel: F.T. Employees DND John Kelly, Chairman/CEO P.T. Employees DND Bill Ayer, Pres. Total Employees 10,000 Alaska Commercial Co. Year Founded: 1867 550 W. 64th Ave. Estab. in Alaska: 1976 Anchorage. AK 99518 No. of Locations: 26 273-4600 Fax: 273-4800 1999 Sales $100,000,000 WWW Address: 1998 Sales $90,000,000 Key Personnel: F.T. Employees 420 Jerry Bittner, Pres./COO P.T. Employees 250 Dick Hodge, VP/Large Store Ops. Total Employees 670 Rex Wilhelm, VP/Small Store Ops. Alaska Communications Systems Year Founded: 1998 510 L St., Ste. 500 Estab. in Alaska: 1998 Anchorage, AK 99501 No. of Locations: DND 297-3000 Fax: 297-3153 1999 Sales 300,500,000 E-Mail: 1998 Sales DND WWW Address: F.T. Employees 1,245 Key Personnel: P.T. Employees 0 Charles E. Robinson, Chairman/CEO Total Employees 1,245 Wesley Carson, Pres./COO Donn Wonnell, Ex. VP/Gen. Counsel Alaska Computer Brokers Year Founded: 1986 551 W. Diamond Blvd. Estab. in Alaska: 1986 Anchorage, AK 99515 No. of Locations: 1 267-4200 Fax: 267-4246 1999 Sales $13,700,000 E-Mail: 1998 Sales $12,400,000 WWW Address: F.T. Employees 32 Key Personnel: P.T. Employees 2 Russell Ball, Owner Total Employees 34 Dave Lamothe, Sales Mgr. Shawn Purviance, Technology Mgr. Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc. Year Founded: 1959 8192 Viking Dr. Estab. in Alaska: 1959 Anchorage, AK 99501 No. of Locations: 10 276-7201 Fax: 279-1543 1999 Sales $40,639,043 Key Personnel: 1998 Sales $38,901,222 Josef Boehm, Pres. F.T. Employees 175 Jeff Bartenstein, Sec./Tres. P.T. Employees 25 Mike Kangas, Purchasing Dir. Total Employees 200 Alaska Pipe & Supply Parent Company: P.O. Box 230048 Familian Northwest Anchorage, AK 99507 2121 N. Columbia Blvd. 273-2100 Fax: 273-2110 Portland, OR 97217 E-Mail: WWW Address: Key Personnel: Mike Cowden, Alaska Area Mgr. Royal Bidwell, Fairbanks Branch Mgr. Duke Mattison, Soldotna Branch Mgr. Alaska Sales & Service Inc. 1300 E. 5th Ave. Anchorage, AK 99501 279-9641 Fax: 276-5167 E-Mail: WWW Address: Key Personnel: Carl Brady, Chairman Leonard Bryant, Pres. Diana Pfeiffer, VP Alaska Ship & Drydock Inc. 3801 Tongass Ave. Ketchikan, AK 99901 228-7199 Fax: 247-7201 E-Mail: Key Personnel: Randy...

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