The Compassionate Side of NDTA.

Author:Leffler, Lori
Position:COUNT DOWN TO 75

Founded in 1944, NDTA will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2019. To commemorate this milestone event, we will be publishing a series of articles selected from our archives that will highlight important events in our Association's history.

As we review the history of NDTA over the last 75 years, there is a natural tendency to concentrate on major military and government transportation and logistics developments. But there is another side to NDTA. It is one not often in the spotlight, not well known to the general public and that many of our members may not even know. I'm talking about the compassion, concern, and personal assistance that NDTA--as an Association, through our chapters; corporate, military, and individual members and groups of members--provides to those in need. Let's look at some specific examples.

Mosul, Iraq Train Station. During the Iraq War, Army Major Matthews Redding (101st Airborne Division Transportation Officer and a member of our Young Professional's program) contacted a fellow NDTA'er in the Washington DC Chapter to ask for assistance in collecting and transporting construction materials to Mosul, Iraq. Their local railroad station had been so badly damaged that critical supplies and medicine could not get up-country where they were desperately needed. NDTA coordinated with USTRANSCOM, Home Depot and Federal Express, and the critical shipment was on the way in just days. With the supplies and tools that were sent, the tracks were cleared and the train station re-opened. Supplies for Mosul residents, as well as support units down-country, started flowing again.

Food Banks and Clothing Distribution. Many NDTA chapters and individual members meet monthly to bag, pack and transport food packages in their cities. The DC Chapter has a long record of assistance for needy families in Northern Virginia. In a similar program, NDTA teamed up with local authorities and corporate member FedEx to deliver food to the poor. Called "Feds Feed Families," their combined efforts produced pledges of 1,023,610 pounds of food.

Toys for Tots Program. This year marked the 10th Anniversary of NDTA Headquarters support for the Marine Toys for Tots Program. Organizer, Patty

Casidy (NDTA VP Finance) predicts that we'll soon have to start looking for a larger location to store the ever-growing mounds of toys collected by NDTA'ers and friends. NDTA Assistance Agreements with American Red Cross and Federal Civil Defense Authorities. Two of...

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