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Position:Young adult review - Book review

The Christian Lady's Dating Constitution

Jessica Martin

Holy Fire Publishing

717 Old Trolley Road, Suite 6, Publishing Unit #116, Summerville, SC 29485

9781603832830, $13.99

You have to set rules somewhere. "The Christian Lady's Dating Constitution: A Memorandum Addressed to Christian Teens, Parents, and Young Adults" is a dating advisory for young Christian women who want to keep her faith and her values in today's un-Christian value filled world. Lots of advice and suggestions for finding the right man to push further with while avoiding the bad apples, "The Christian Lady's Dating Constitution" is a strong pick for any young Christian woman.

It's Hard to Have a Mouse-free House

Mary Ellen Stewart

Mouse Free Publishing, LLC

6172 Clifton Oaks, St. Louis, MO 63129

9780984491605, $14.99,

Little annoyances in life are completely unavoidable. "It's Hard to Have a Mouse-Free House: God's 10 Disciplines for a Happier, Healthier, and More Prosperous Life" is a guide to enduring the little annoyances and evils of life and how to live a much happier serene life in the process. With ten disciplines to practice when faced with these challenges, "It's Hard to Have a Mouse-Free House" is a top pick for any Christian toughing out the storm of life.

Facing Financial Struggle

Wessel Bentley

Upper Room Books

1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212

9780835810272, $10.00,

Faith and the ability to continue on can be your greatest friend during money troubles. "Facing Financial Struggle: 28 Days of Prayer" discusses faith and its role for Christians facing financial crisis. The discipline not to make it worse, realizing that one isn't alone, planning better financially and more, Wessel Bentley gives readers plenty of faith to live by. "Facing Financial Struggle" is a must for any Christian in crisis.

Angel Without Wings

M. Katherine Weil

Southwest Publishing

PO Box 50748, Phoenix, AZ 85076-0748

9780964226425, $16.95,

Stigmata, it is looked at wonder, but how does one live with such a state? "Angle Without Wings" tells the story of a woman who lived with the gift, or curse depending on who you ask, of Stigmata. Faced with bearing a burden similar to that of Christ, Mary Alice Mason's story is unique in that she left her life as a nun to marry a minister and remained married until her death thirty years later. "Angel Without Wings" is a fascinating exploration and a solidly recommended read.


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