The children's lunchbox.

Author:Anderson, Tasha
Position:Dining - Brief article


Alaska has a near endless selection of high quality restaurants, privately owned and operated by talented Alaskans, which makes dining here a treat. But not every person has the means to enjoy going out for a meal, and many are not able to adequately feed their children. The Children's Lunchbox, a program of Bean's Cafe, has been feeding hungry children in Alaska since 1998.

The program not only provides prepared meals which are delivered to more than twenty locations in Alaska, it also has the "Just a Little Extra" program, which delivers food to various sites every Friday which can be taken home for children to eat over the weekend. In 2013, more than nineteen thousand bags of weekend food were given to children.

The Children's Lunchbox provides free meals to children throughout the school year and during the summer.

In 2013, The Children's Lunchbox prepared and delivered 379,511 meals, all of which met standard portion and nutritional requirements. Thirty-six...

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