The Caves of Buda.

Author:Farmer, Leslie
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

CUTTER, Leah R. The caves of Buda. Penguin, Roc. 304p. bibliog, c2004. 0-451-45972-5. $6.50. SA

This contemporary story has a fantasy spin. In it, Buda refers to Budapest, where a demon is about to become unbound, the result of the last of five special plaques to be broken. An elderly Hungarian with dementia escaped to America during WW II. but he feels that he has to go home to save the world from the demon. His granddaughter Zita would rather believe in his hallucinations than in real demons, but she follows him out of fear that he will harm himself. Ephraim, whose family also escaped the Nazis, also feels drawn to the old country. Each of these characters experiences Budapest in a different way, but evil has a way of ferreting them out and bringing them together in order to carry out a horribly nefarious plan. Who--or what--will succeed?

A bit confusing at the start, this tale becomes more...

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