The case for sales collateral.

Author:Lowry, James
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Do print sales collaterals still have a place in today's world? Many of our customers have ready access to any information they want thanks to the internet. Has that influenced how print sales collaterals are used? Absolutely. Does that mean they are no longer important? Absolutely not.

I am somewhat biased about this issue because I am a printer. This also obligates us to utilize sales collaterals to demonstrate how customers should use theirs. By leading by example, we can prove we are business partners by helping them get more business through the products we make. One word of advice, though, is to make sure you are talking to your customers marketing team.

So how are print sales collaterals still relevant for selling? Here are a few ideas that marketing experts have shared.

Advertisements: it proves to your customers that you are here to stay and able to make that kind of investment. Notice how the big brands use big ads? The perception created is that you are a notable and established company.

Brochures: Tells who you are, what you sell, and the promises you have made. Most importantly they become a tool for the person you talked to to sell your product to the rest of their company. If you arm them to make that second or third sales pitch with a prepared presentation, you win.

Printing PowerPoint presentation slides show you are effective and efficient.They also can be a leave-behind as well.

Direct mail: Send your presentation this way and you can stiff get a reasonable ROI. We are not restricted by "do not call" lists or governmental regulations on "opt out" options for emails.

Thoughts on what your collaterals include: Is your title engaging? Does it say "nap time" or create emotional fireworks? What sets you apart from your competition? Compelling visuals? Customer testimonials? What results have you achieved? Calls to action?

One plan is if you arm your salespeople with collaterals, give them the option of "reading" their customer and the situation.

For example:

Option 1 would be a product overview only with visuals.

Option 2 would be a product overview with brief descriptions.

Option 3 would be an overview with long descriptions.

While these traditional types of sales materials are still alive and well. Christy is going to give you an overview of digital sales collaterals that are now available.


James noted that printed sales materials still have their place in today's digital world. I agree, especially...

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