The case for making Detroit an IT hub.

Author:Stanard, Alexa
Position:FEATURE - Information technology - Company overview

The New Jersey-based technology company, which primarily serves the health care industry, opened a downtown office facing Campus Martius Park in April. Timothy Bryan, the company's co-founder, chairman and CEO, says a blend of good infrastructure, an educated work force and vibrant cultural institutions has positioned Detroit as a viable option to international locations that are often the recipients of outsourced American jobs.

"We focused on locating in a city where we could find value and help our customers, and Detroit is a perfect place for that," said Bryan. "You're looking at what kinds of people might be available, infrastructure, real estate. There's enormous opportunity here.

"You also have a first-rate education system," he added. "Detroit is creatively working to put people back to work; folks have really started to understand they have to work together to attract business."

GalaxE got its start in 1990 in New York City in a 300 square foot studio that doubled as Bryan's home. From the beginning, GalaxE focused its efforts on the health care industry; today, the industry generates about three-fourths of the company's revenues.

GalaxE employs about 900 people and has hired its initial 40 Detroit-based employees which will grow to at least 500 IT professionals on three floors over the next five years. Its focus is on helping the various entities involved in health care - pharmacies, insurance companies, benefits managers, doctors, hospitals - efficiently and securely exchange patient information "so the patient can be cared for and paid for," Bryan said.

"As health care-related IT systems have grown up over the last 20 years, we've been involved all the way along," he said. "We were fortunate enough to have strong relationships with senior executives in our customer base. They have consistently shared with us where they are and where they need to go. We've been able to position ourselves to support them."

Retail, e-commerce and financial services comprise the remainder of GalaxE's clients, but it's committed to expanding further in health care, especially in Michigan. Bryan won't discuss the company's clients; GalaxE, he said, is "very obsessed" with confidentiality.

Early this decade, GalaxE began investing in two locations in India. As the company looked to expand further, it once again listened to its customers, many of whom asked GalaxE for nearshore options for their IT.

"In the regulated world of health care, many of our clients are required...

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