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Getting Paid Using Social Media

Michelle Dunn

Never Dunn Publishing

PO Box 40, Plymouth, NH 03264

9781453759424, $16.95,

Who says Twitter can't make you bank? "Getting Paid Using Social Media: Using Social Media in Collections" is a guide to the potential profit to be had using social media as a way to collect debts owed help one get their money more efficiently. With plenty of nonstandard advice, "Getting Paid Using Social Media in Collections" uses social media for what many thought it couldn't be used for.


Michael O'Brien & Larry Shook

Sombrero Press

c/o The Printed Word Inc.

PO Box 31166, Spokane, WA 99223

O'Brien Group

1276 Sweetwater Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45215

9781934738214, $15.95,

Normalcy is the most dangerous thing in the world. "Quicksilver: A Revolutionary Way to Lead the Many and the Few--Beginning with You" looks into the thinking that leads into the catastrophes that have shaken our world from the truly tragic to the economic meltdowns of recent years. Stating that wise thinking prepares against the fallacies of normalcy, facing fear, and how to lead people away from this faulty conventional wisdom, "Quicksilver" is thoughtful and highly recommended reading for anyone whose job is thinking.

Working Naked

Lisa Kanarek

Blakely Press

11700 Preston Road, Ste. 660-20, Dallas, TX 75230

9780615383033, $15.00,

Things like clothes and commutes seem so excessive in the modern day workplace. "Working Naked" is a guide to working from home from Lisa Kanarek as she encourages people to use their home office to its fullest when working and gives readers a run down tot he many avenues of the home office. From saving space to using efficient home office equipment, dealing with massive paper work and more, "Working Naked" is a guide for those who only want the bare essentials of work.

Who Stopped the Sale?

Richard J. Libin

Automotive Profit Builders

PO Box 2011, Natick, MA 01760

9781451572551, $14.99

Failure isn't a failure if you can learn from it. "Who Stopped the Sale?" is a guide to landing the sale, finding customers, pitching your product, and learning from when the sale stops and money has been lost. For anyone trying to flourish their business and learn the finer points of selling and making their job work, "Who Stopped the Sale?" is a fine read with plenty of advice for the aspiring business person.

50 Marketing Secrets

Sherre L. DeMao

Green Castle...

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