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The Owner's Dilemma

Barbara White Bryson with Canan Yetmen

Greenway Communications

25 Technology Parkway South, Suite 101, Norcross, Georgia 30092

9780984084678 $29.95

Inefficiency is no way to turn a profit. "The Owner's Dilemma: Driving Success and Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry" is a discussion of the design and construction industry, and how to innovate and change how the business works in an industry that stands against it. Collaboration, teamwork, and innovation are keys to making an efficient construction and design in a business that costs millions of public and private money annually. "The Owner's Dilemma" is an intriguing take on construction and architecture, highly recommended.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Andy Mulholland, Jon Pyke, Peter Fingar

Meghan-Kiffer Press

310 East Fern Street, Tampa, FL 33604

9780929652290, $39.95,

The flow of information everywhere has changed everything. "Enterprise Cloud Computing: A Strategy Guide for Business and Technology Leaders" discusses the importance of cloud computing and how it is changing the economic and innovation games across the globe. Understanding it is absolutely vital and industry veterans lend their advice on learning and mastery the process. "Enterprise Cloud Computing" is a choice pick for anyone who wants to learn from the ways of experts.

No Jerks on the Job

Ron Newton

PenlandScott Publishers

PO Box 166677, Irving TX 75016

Stephanie Barko (publicity)

16100 Crystal Hills, Austin, TX 78737

9780982315231 $19.95

No one likes a jerk, especially when you're trying tog et things done. "No Jerks on the Job: Who They Are, The Harm They Do, and Ridding Them From Your Workplace" is a guide for those dealing with jerks in the workplace, and for supervisors and managers who have the power to do something about such jerks. Jerks can cause many problems with employee morale, wasted productivity time, and in general proving to be inefficient employees. "No Jerks on the Job" speaks out against the workplace bully and ne'er-do-well and provides many useful solutions.

Simple Wisdom for the Not So Simple Business World

Lynda Barbaccia

Simple Wisdom Works Publishing

PO Box 4386, San Rafael, CA 94913

9780982310014 $15.00

Slaving for eight hours a day is no fun. "Simple Wisdom for the Not So Simple Business World" is a guide to finding that joy and piece of mind in a world where it's so easy to...

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