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Tell Me No, I Dare You!

Scott H. Silverman

GKS Books

c/o Strategies

PO Box 178122, San Diego, CA 92177

9780615325323, $14.95,

180 degree turns in life are very possible. "Tell Me No, I Dare You!" tells the story of Scott H Silverman, as he kicked his drug habit and turned his life around, starting a non-profit organization to help others who were in similar situations in their life. Winning the CNN Hero award, Scott H Silverman has an intriguing life story as he hopes to inspire others to greatness with is tale. "Tell Me No, I Dare You!" is a story that should not be ignored for those looking for inspirational tales.

Letters to Zerky

Bill Raney

Nickelodeon Press

PO Box 3573, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3573

KSB Promotions (publicity)

55 Honey Creek NE, Ada, MI 49301

9780982138403, $27.00,

Wanderlust doesn't wait for peace. "Letters to Zerky: A Father's Legacy to a Lost Son ... and A road Trip Around the World" is a unique memoir as a father addresses his son about a roadtrip the son took when he was a young child. Bill Raney took his son across the globe when he was only an infant, as they toured Europe and Asia. Aimed at his son, there's no exclusion as any reader will be mesmerized by this truly unique and legendary family vacation that makes Disney World look dull. "Letters to Zerky" is an enticing and fun read, well worth reading for lovers of true adventure.

From Worlds Apart ...

Billy Joe Neese

c/o The HayeCountry Collection

Central Printers and Publishers

4507 Whites Ferry Road, West Monroe, LA 71291

9780615332536, $29.50

Love doesn't care about race or religion. "From Worlds Apart ...: The Story of Jesse Neese and Carrie Falcon" is a nonfiction historical look back as Billy Joe Neese looks towards his ancestors and the chance meeting of a Lutheran German farm boy and a Spanish immigrant with a strong Catholic faith. A unique story of the American melting pot, "From Worlds Apart ..." is a choice pick for those looking for a tale of early Americana.

Tales of the Troupe

Rob Dinsmoor

Zingology Press

9781448644070, $15.00

Show business is not a business for those who want a quiet, normal life. "Tales of the Troupe" is a memoir of Rob Dinsmoor, reflecting on his time in the comedy troupe Chucklehead, which gained some degree of notoriety in New York throughout the 1980s. With intriguing tales of the nightlife and the chaotic life of a young comedian, "Tales of the Troupe" is a choice pick for those...

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