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An American Entrepreneur

William T. Phillips

Phillips Service Industries, Inc.

11878 Hubbard Street, Livonia, MI 48150

9780984400805, $25.00,

You don't need an ivy league education to be wildly successful. "An American Entrepreneur" is a biography of Bill Phillips, an Arkansas farm boy who became a juggernaut in science and national defense. Telling his remarkable story of how he clawed up, fought in wars, and made his way up the corporate ladder, "An American Entrepreneur" is a choice pick for any biography collection, especially those looking for business leader memoirs.

A Couple Faces Death

Bill Nerin

Magic Mountain Publishing

PO Box 962, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

9780964678934, $17.95,

After decades of life together, one can't imagine life without. "A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne, Growing in Acceptance and Peace" is the memoir of Bill Nerin, coping with losing his wife after so many years together. A life changing thing, the event made him shift his perspective of life and he seeks to give other elderly couples the strength to continue on after the fact. "A Couple Faces Death" is a must for any couple who wants to understand the worst thing that can happen in their lives.

Magic Carpet Flying

Pamela Ryan

Blue Butterfly Books

2583 Lakeshore Boulevard, West, Toronto, ON, Canada, M8V 1G3

9780978498252, $14.95,

Life has no rails, no prevention of it going up, down, or anywhere else. "Magic Carpet Flying: The Ride of Your Life" is a thoughtful memoir from Pamela Ryan, psychologist. Overcoming her own rough upbringing and the harshness of life, she states how she took control of her life and turned it into the freedom of a magic carpet ride. "Magic Carpet Flying" is thoughtful and uplifting, highly recommended.

Until I Smile at You

Roseann Lombardi

Two Harbors

212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401

9781935097167, $16.95,

Every story is different when facing life. "Until I Smile At You" is the story of Roseann Lombardi and growing up Italian on Long Islands around World War II and during the graceful period following it. Telling an overwhelmingly human story with plenty...

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