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Bing Crosby

Richard Grudens

Celebrity Profiles Publishing Company

PO Box 344 Main Street, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0344

1575792486, $19.95

A legend of music, Bing Crosby has earned his place in fame. "Bing Crosby: Crooner of the Century" follows the legendary singer who through his fame has had a storied and varied career for over fifty years. Thousands of recordings, millions of records sold, Bing's influence on music and the American culture are not things that are easily going to be forgotten. "Bing Crosby" is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the figure or just for his fans.

A Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man

Jerome Tuccille

Blue Mustang Press

c/o Winkler Media

6 Whittier Parkway, Severna Park, MD 21146

9781935199014, $13.95,

The greatest literary minds don't become such by being boring. "Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man: Romping Through Paris in the 1920s" tells a fictional account of Hemingway in Paris during his younger days and blends a story of literature that deals with the many writers of the age, from Hemingway himself to Faulkner, and so many others. Satire that remains a tribute, "Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man" is a fine read that shouldn't be missed.

Full Circle

David L. Cisco

DLC Enterprises

29 Armand Shore Drive, Houston, TX 77058

9780615345635, $19.95

Often forgot were the people with the technical know how to make great things possible. "Full Circle" is the autobiography of David L. Cisco, a man who helped make the moon landing possible, working on the machines and vehicles along the way. Making his success there and elsewhere in life, his story is one that will encourage others to reach for the sky in their own pursuits in life, and break down barriers along the way. "Full Circle" is an inspiring memoir highly recommended.

A World After This

Lola Lieber

Devora Publishing

c/o Lambda Publishers

527 Empire Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11225

9781936068104, $19.95,

A better tomorrow is something that keeps people going through the worst of it all. "A World After This: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption" tells the story of Lola Lieber, and her own personal challenges as a Polish Jew in the atrocities of World War II. With only her faith and the hopes that it would get better helping her through young adulthood, "A World After This" is a glimpse into the hope that kept so many Jews afloat during one of the worst acts of the twentieth century.

The Sullivan Saga

M. H. Sullivan


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