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Down the Road, In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Tim & Cindie Travis Publishing

973 Sleepy Hollow Ct., Greenwood, IN 46142

9780975442760, $19.95,

No mode of transportation other than walking is more personal than the bicycle. "Down the Road in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam: A Bicycle Tour Through War, Genocide, and Forgiveness" is a memoir from Tim & Cindie Travis as they recount their ride through Southeast Asia and their particular adventures and misadventures. An exciting story well dotted with photographs, "Down the Road in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam" is a choice read for armchair travelers, highly recommended.

Unearthing Nature's Secrets

Jurgen Klein

JK Investment

59-338 Wilinau Rd., Haleiwa, HI 96712

9780578013176, $23.95

Nature has a lot in store for everyone. "Unearthing Nature's Secrets" tells the story of Dr. Jurgen Kelin, as he tells his story traveling the world and learning much about what the world has to offer him. Full of anecdotes, thoughtful opinions about the work of medicine around the world, and the power of natural things in one's health, "Unearthing Nature's Secrets" is an exciting exploration of many things, a top pick for memoir collections.

Notes from a Prison

Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir

Social Justice Publishers

PO Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016

SJ Miller Publicity (publicity)

10 turning Mill Lane, Randolph, MA 02368

9780944997048, $20.00

Not all who are imprisoned are criminals. "Notes from a Prison: Bangladesh" is a memoir from Muhiuddin Kahn Alamgir" as he reflects on how he was faced with a corrupt political system and how he was forced into a Bangladesh prison only to escape and become a member of the country's parliament. A whirlwind tale of political corruption and turmoil, "Notes from a Prison" is a solid addition to any world political memoir collection.

Twice a Pioneer

F. H. McKay, author

Esther Stradling and Claudia McKay, editors

Birchouse Publishing

513 New Boston Rd., Norwich, VT 05055

9780982467602 $14.95

Twice a Pioneer: A Life on the Frontier is the true-life memoir writings of one of America's many dogged and determined pioneers. F. H. McKay was born in Illinois in 1867; he forged his own path to Washington State before it became a state, and survived by collecting muskrat hides, cultivating fields, teaching school, and more, eventually becoming a bank officer in Spokane, Washington. His richly detailed story is sprinkled with personal...

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