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A Life on the Run

John Telford

Harmonie Park Press

35675 Mound Road, Liberty Professional Center, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

9780899901497, $24.95,

No one gets anywhere without offending someone. "A Life on the Run: Seeking and Safeguarding Social Justice" is a memoir from Dr. John Telford as he tells his story of his life as he made his way running through high school but being an endless problem child and being expelled. Despite his expulsion, he turned his life around to make a career of academics and being a social activist. A riveting and exciting story that doesn't skimp on the details, "A Life on the Run" is a choice read for any memoir collection.

Simple, Not Easy

Terrence Roberts

Parkhurst Brothers

415 North McKinley Street, Suite 510, Little Rock, AR 72205

9781935166160, $24.95,

Some things are easier said than done, but they must be done. "Simple, Not Easy: Reflections on the Community, Social Responsibility and Tolerance" is a memoir from Terrence Roberts as he reflects on his time as a member of the Little Rock Nine who dared attend a white school in the late 1950s, and how the years since then have proven unique. He tells his story and provides his opinions, giving readers a sound and moving read. "Simple, Not Easy" is a fine addition to any memoir collection focusing on civil rights.

The Unbeatable Man

Matt Furey

Gold Medal Publications

10339 Birdwatch Drive, Tampa, FL 33647

9780981932057, $24.95,

Athletics aren't just for meatheads, they can provide a very powerful change in one's life. "The Unbeatable Man" is a memoir from Matt Furey, as he hopes to inspire young readers to don't discount the power of athletics in having a positive role in life. Stating how wrestling kept him away from the temptations that can ruin teenage lives and how the values he learned as a young athlete continued well into life and helped him become a highly successful business man, "The Unbeatable Man" is a read that will inspire many to reach for greater.

Becoming Normal

Mark Edick

Central Recovery Press

3371 N Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89129

9780981848211, $14.95,

Normalcy is a relative and unusual term. "Becoming Normal: An Ever-Changing Perspective" is a discussion of normalcy from a man who holds himself as an outsider to the world of normal. Philosophical in its sights, he discusses normalcy and the drive of us vs. them philosophy and how it drives...

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