The best jailhouse story ever.

Position::Back Blast & other hot gases

The de rigeur lead questions to fresh inductees arriving in jail are "What didja get popped for?" and "How'd ya get popped?" An inmate's status is then determined by the severity of the charge--and of course, these stories are often embellished. We're wondering what crime-king Sergio Fernando Solorzano-Vasquez told his fellow jailbirds when he hit the hallowed jail halls in Hamilton, N.J. Armed robbery and carjacking might have earned him high points, but did he tell his buddies how the caper went down? We think not.


According to police reports, 27-year-old Sergio stealthily slipped into an unlocked car outside a store and crouched hidden in the backseat, waiting for the driver to come back with car keys and maybe some extra loot. When the two innocents...

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