These four words represent the future. These four areas are the focus of studies career development and fields of great need when it comes to developing professionals in the Hispanic population. Why are they so important?

This is a key question. Many would answer that it is because Latinos are very lagged in these areas. Others will say these areas are needed the most by corporations in order to keep growing their labor force and forge their expansion. Yet, others would say it is an area full of opportunities for those who dominate and prepare in these fields. The three answers would be accurate: STEM is and should be important for Latinos who are searching for a successful professional path. Tech leaders are changing the way we view the world, and Latinos need to be at the forefront of an industry that is leading each and every aspect of our human experience.

We begin our series by recognizing the contributions of a corporate giant, made much grander through the impact it has had on the lives of young tech leaders. The Bank of New York Mellon and its STEM initiative, led by Lee B. Stephens III, Executive Vice President, has made an impact not only because of its proven success but because of the passion and enthusiasm by which its leaders are investing in the future. So, for Liz Agosto, Global Chief Administrative Officer, Information Security Division at BNY Mellon, volunteering at Diversetech is one of the highlights of a stellar career. For Emmanuel Delgado, Senior Associate at BNY Mellon, a member of the Technology Leadership Program, the mentorship goes way beyond what he has ever expected.

When and how did you become interested in Tech?

When I joined the Information Security team at BNY Mellon and started to learn about the different aspects of cybersecurity, I found it fascinating. It truly has an impact on everything we do, regardless of industry. I constantly remind my family and friends about the importance of cybersecurity and the personal responsibility we all need to take to keep our information safe and secure. It always surprises me how little people know about it; it's a very real risk and we all need to be prepared and educated about the potential threats.

What are your key responsibilities in your present role and how did you arrive at this position?

As the Global Chief Administration Officer for BNY Melton's Information Security Division (ISD), I report directly to BNY Melton's Chief Information Security Officer, Jeff Lunglhofer. In this role, I lead the division's administrative, operational, and financial affairs. My responsibilities include working closely with Human Resource partners to deliver on ISD's talent management strategies including staff planning, recruiting, retention and salary administration. My work ensures we have the talent, systems, processes and procedures in place to be dynamic and resilient. I have a passion for organizational change management and enjoy every aspect of it.

What have you received in terms of advice and mentorship that has pushed you to where you are today?

My family has always played a big role in my life as my source of support and inspiration. They've taught me some of the biggest lessons: stay humble, keep learning and share that knowledge with others, don't be afraid to take risks and always go the extra mile. I have also been very blessed to have both formal and informal mentors in my life who have taught me that mistakes can be great learning opportunities. They've...

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