The best always get ahead.

Author:De Haro, Jose Luis
Position::Editor's Choice: THE BEST OF LATIN AMERICA: BANKING - Editorial - Brief article

The triumphs and progress of the best are what move societies forward. More progress, more advances. But, there's no doubt that progress, at some point in the process, meant change.

And the heavy wheel of change needs all the efforts that individuals and companies can muster to be able to move. A society's future always turns on the movement of this wheel. The more individuals and companies there are that work better, the faster the wheel moves, and produces advances which over time benefit larger segments of society.

In this edition, Latin Trade reviews the best, those who moved that wheel in 2014, in various business categories.

At the head of the parade are the banks that offered more and better services to their Latin American clientele, retail or corporate, and also the best deals in the financial sector. They are followed by the engineering schools in the region that work to showcase the best programs and...

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