THE BALANCING ACT: Striking work-life-community balance as a young franchise owner.

Author:Clair, Jack St.

Franchise owners have various reasons for entering the business - some are motivated to positively impact their communities, and others want to foster a well-established brand. For a young college dropout looking to grow professionally, franchising offered many opportunities to succeed. After working for three years at a Home Instead Senior Care franchise, and eventually moving on to own a franchise, the importance of maintaining a balance between work, life and the community quickly became apparent to me.

As franchise owners grow with their businesses, they invest time and energy in ensuring that the operation is successful, especially young executives who have something to prove. However, it is also important to establish a healthy balance among the things that are important to you: work, life and community. Maintaining this balance is not always easy, but with a little flexibility, it's achievable. Here's some thoughts on how to get there.

Schedule Everything

As a business owner, life can get busy and become overwhelming. Not only do you have employees to manage, but many also have personal responsibilities and interests outside of work relating to family and loved ones. You may be a newlywed, a first-time parent or have aging parents who need care. These responsibilities are equally important to you and require attention. To ensure that you divide your professional and personal time appropriately, it is helpful to schedule time as far in advance as possible for the things that are important to your personal life.

For example, reserve time to read at your child's school at the beginning of the year or schedule date nights with your spouse where you don't discuss work. Getting Things Done by David Allen is a great resource that can help executives find stress-free ways to manage their responsibilities. Allen suggests people aren't stressed about how much they must do, they are stressed about forgetting to do something. Scheduling what is important eases this worry and guarantees that you don't miss things that matter.

Build a Strong Team

No matter the size of your business, you need reliable people to share the load and help keep things moving. When creating your team, find individuals who are smart, have hustle and are passionate about your business and the customers you serve. As you look for the right professional qualities in employees, be a model supervisor and develop leaders who genuinely care about employees and their goals. To do...

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