The balance sheet.


Joseph (Joe) Nogal is a self-described "easy going guy" who leads the finance team at one of the country's largest specialty bakeries that creates 20,000 cheesecakes and desserts daily.

FEI Chapter * Chicago

FEI Member Since * 2000

Current Employer * Vice President & Chief Financial Officer,

The Eli's Cheesecake Company Career History * CFO, Helio/GAI; Vice President &

Treasurer/Controller, Woodhead Industries, Inc.

Education Summary

MBA Northwestern University, B.S. DePaul University.

Family and Personal Life

Married, three children and four grandchildren.


Member of The Bridge Group, which works with small entrepreneurial companies, member of the CFO Leadership Group in Chicago.

Leisure and Stress Management

Exercise, gardening and golf.

Professional Mentor

Ron Norrey, a former boss who always sees the best in people.

Time Management

Maintaining a work/life balance. My aspiration is to be a good father and leader.

Recent Reads

American Sniper

Favorite Movie

The Godfather

Favorite Music

Andrea Bocelli

Favorite App

On the Fly, which helps you shop for the best airfares.

Favorite Type of Music

Mostly from the 70's and 80's.


My dad

Best Advice

Listen before you talk.

Favorite Job

Being a...

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