The Authentix view.

Consumers are interacting with security labels and anti-counter-feiting features daily, even though many never realize it. Authentix offers brand protection and packaging security solutions, enabling the brand owner to take a more proactive role in policing the supply chain.

Franco Diaz, brand protection director at Authentix, often lectures on the topic of brand protection. "I first tell students that brand protection is not a product, because a product has a life-cycle," he notes. "Brand protection is an absolute process. It's a series of functions, actions and changes all in the pursuit of protection of the customer and, ultimately, ROI."

However, there are no guarantees when a brand owner chooses and implements security features on its products. As Diaz points out, security is an objective assurance. Consider it much like risk management, where one would typically buy insurance in case of an accident or disaster. When an adverse event happens, it pays off in high multiples. However, it can also do something most insurance can't do--deter the adverse event from happening. Nefarious criminals, who target high value, unique products, will typically examine their choices for the easiest candidates to fake--and those are typically ones where minimal to no security features are known to be applied.

Many brands have made the choice to secure their labels. "Many liquor bottles have a security seal or a state tax stamp across the cap or enclosure," states Diaz. "This tamper evident seal could be branded or...

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