The athletic trainer's guide to differential diagnosis: a visual learning approach.

Author:Sekir, Ufuk
Position:Book review

Editors: Andrew P. Winterstein and Sharon V. Clark.

Bibliographic Data: ISBN: 978-1-61711-053-5; 2015 by SLACK Incorporated, NJ, USA, 430 pages, soft cover (alk. paper), $48.95.

Subjects: Athletic Training, Musculoskeletal Pain, Dif-ferential Diagnosis.

Description: The Athletic Trainer's Guide to Differential Diagnosis: a Visual Learning Approach provides the athletic trainer in day to day clinical practice a visual mapping approach to the differential diagnosis of a wide variety of clinical musculoskeletal problems.

Purpose: This book is intended to create a framework that allows the reader to think differently about differen-tial diagnosis, access existing knowledge in anatomy and clinical evaluation, and assess information for the purpose of making higher order clinical decisions.

Audience: The book will assist the thinking skills of students, practicing athletic trainers and clinicians during decisions between differential etiologies of musculoskele-tal pain.

Features: The book is composed of 12 chapters and three appendixes. Each of the chapters covers a different body part. These are the foot, the ankle and lower leg, the knee and patellofemoral joint, the hip, the spine, the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist and hand...

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