The Association Gets Organized.

AuthorLeffler, Lori
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Founded in 1944, NDTA will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2019. To commemorate this milestone event, we will be publishing a series of articles selected from our archives that will highlight important events in our Association's history.

Once the Association's official incorporation documents were signed on 11 October 1944, the founders immediately set out on the myriad of tasks necessary to breath real life into the Army Transportation Association (ATA). One of the most important decisions was to find a home for the headquarters. They chose an impressive brownstone former bank located just blocks from the US Capitol located at 930 F Street NW, Washington, DC, which served as ATA's home for its first nine years.

Also important in those first few months after incorporation was to adopt a suitable crest that would be easily recognized in the transportation industry. The seeds of the Association were already rooted in the US Army's Transportation Corps, and its emblem provided the basis for the Association's crest. The Transportation Corps' design included representations of each major mode of transportation superimposed over a large spear with the slogan "Spearhead of Logistics" inscribed on a banner across the bottom. The modes used in both designs were:

* RAIL represented by a flanged, steel wheel on a rail

* AIR represented by a wing added to the wheel

* LAND symbolized by a shield used as standard US Highway markers

* WATER indicated by a ship's steering wheel

Next, on February 1, 1945, the Army Transportation Journal was established. Initially a monthly publication, it soon became apparent that to serve the burgeoning growth of the Association, costs would have to be reduced and income would have to be increased. The first problem was solved by reducing the Journal from a monthly publication to a bi-monthly one. To address the latter issue, the board voted to accept paid advertising in the Journal.

Meanwhile another major project was underway--producing the ATA's first National Convention in Chicago, scheduled for November 13 and 14, 1946 at the Palmer House Hotel. The Honorable Robert P. Patterson, Secretary of War, was the principal speaker. Registration for the two-day...

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