The art of it all.

Position:EDITOR'S NOTE - Book Review

ROD SERLING, narrator and creator of the classic television series "The Twilight Zone," would often introduce an episode of the show by saying, "Submitted for your approval...." Well, I submit for your approval the following suggestion: Add to your corporate or personal library a copy of The Art of Corporate Governance.

This is a collection in book form of 10 notable articles from the deep archives of DIRECTORS & BOARDS. It's a primer on good governance, but not of a legal nature. What's between the covers are sophisticated insights and advice on how the governing arts are practiced at the smartest levels of boardroom interaction.


Snippets from several of the articles will give you a flavor of the skillful way you too can practice the art of governance:

* "If management seems too dense to benefit from your guidance, you may have the wrong management, or you may be too subtle in your stewardship." (From "The Role of the Outside Director" by Murray L. Weidenbaum.)

* "There simply isn't any business plan or proposal that is so complicated that it can't be explained clearly and succinctly in a few paragraphs. If it requires a page of charts and text to explain, there's probably something wrong with it." (From "What Does It Take to Be a Good Director?" by B. Charles Ames.)

* "One of the things I truly enjoy on boards of directors is the opportunity to add to my own networks and to offer them to others where my networking contacts can be helpful." (From "The Joys of Directorship" by the...

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