The analysis of the axiological component of a graduate teacher's personality as the basis of preparedness for the formation of TH axiological component of schoolchildren's personality.

Author:Shapirova, Railya Ravilevna


Within recent years, modern Russian society has experienced a range of significant social, economic and political changes, which conditioned creation of completely new economic and living environment, the formation of new social relations and changes in the structure of the society. As a consequence of such radical transformations, society faced a range of serious issues like material and social inequality, the growth of unemployment and criminal activity, the crisis of mental and moral values, which influenced all systems of human life and activities. Logical became some changes in people's consciousness and behavior, switch of preferences, reappraisal of values, which reflected on the educational system and, particularly, preparation of a future teacher.

Today's young generation of Russians is adapting to new social reality, and studying changes that occur in the consciousness of modern youth becomes a topical issue. It is important to have information about future teacher's attitude to social realm and events that occur, about vital aims and focuses, and, what's the most important--about the possible solutions for them.

This information will allow teaching staff of higher schools to analyze the potential of the social flexibility of future teachers, to influence and direct them. They will allow predicting social reactions of this group of youth on state and educational reforms with a certain probability. Moreover, an axiological component of future's teacher personality will have an impact in the process of axiological component's formation in schoolchildren, and thus the future of our country.


The Methods

For the purpose of conducting the study, 300 respondents were involved among the students of Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University whose major was "Pedagogical education".

Statistical processing of the data was performed with application of statistical packages SPSS, Statgraphics Plus for Windows and analysis of data from Microsoft Excel.

We have performed a comparative analysis of leading values of future teachers in 2010 and 2016. A questionnaire survey was performed in the base of the methods that were developed by Leontyev D.A. by means of factor analysis on the base of adequacy, selectivity, stability, dynamics and domination criteria, we obtained indices of significance for each category of values for the students.

The Results

Value orientation system is not something that is given once and for all time: as living conditions are changing, as the personality itself is changing, the new values occur, and sometimes we observe full or partial reappraisal of these values. Value orientations of students as the most dynamic part of Russian society are the first to feel the changes that are caused by various processes that take place in the country's life. The survey we performed in cities of Kazan and Elabuga in 2010 and 2016 define life-purpose values of the future teacher.

The students were...

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