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Position:'Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?' and 'Fish Factories: Ruins of an American Industry' - Brief article - Book review

Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?

Paul Serup

Salmova Press

230-1126 3rd Ave., Prince George, B.C., Canada V2L 3E5

9780981168500 $23.00

Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? closely studies evidence of Roman Catholic Church complicity in the plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, as well as damning evidence of the church's involvement in the devastating New York City Draft Riots during the civil war-a shameful rampage of murder, lynching and arson perpetuated primarily by Irish Catholics. From corruption in the church hierarchy, to laggard responses of church officials against violence, to the vested interest the church had in compromising America's democratic institutions, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is a severe indictment of a religious institution's historical hostility to fundamental American values. A well-researched and persuasively presented account, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is particularly recommended for college library collections.

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