The age of misinformation: being able to trust an information source is critical to decision-making, says Todd Bialick, PricewaterhouseCoopers' trust and transparency leader.

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What risks do fake news and misinformation create for organizations? The volume of information available to organizations increases the risk of some of that information being inaccurate or incomplete. While it can't be assumed that all information is wrong, better measures need to be taken to verify it when making important management decisions. Trusting the source of information, and being able to show that it is verifiably accurate, is critical to effective decision-making. Acting on misinformation can inhibit the organization's ability to not only effectively execute on its strategy, but also could lead to potential compliance-related issues.


How can organizations verify that they're not acting on misinformation? Developing a formal approach to verifying data and information is key to helping organizations make...

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