Economic impact of the Corporate 100.

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Afognak Native Corp./Alutiiq

Afognak's purpose is to optimize financial benefits and land use, and preserve our culture for the well-being of our shareholders. Afognak succeeds at this through a diversified business approach with our companies operating in more than 30 countries and provinces throughout the world, employing thousands.

Ahtna, Inc.

In 2013, Ahtna employed more than 1,600 professionals around the world, 300 of whom were based in Alaska and 25 percent of these Alaska employees were Ahtna shareholders. Ahtna also provided nearly $1.3 million in shareholder and Elder dividends in 2013.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air directly and indirectly help create jobs, support small business and diverse suppliers, and provide the necessary transportation infrastructure for economic activity in Alaska.

Alaska Commercial Co.

Rural Alaska's largest private business employer of First Alaskans. Last year in rural Alaskan communities, ACC invested $22.5 million in payroll and benefits; $20.8 million in freight services; $3.8 million in rents; and $6.6 million with local utility companies.

Alaska Communications

Alaska Communications has invested more than $500 million in Alaska since 2001. We know keeping Alaskans and Alaska business connected and providing reliable services is crucial to keeping a vital economy running.

Alaska Industrial Hardware Inc.

AIH opened a new 53,000-square-foot Super Hardware Store in south Anchorage in 2012.

Alaska Regional Hospital

In addition to providing high quality, cost effective healthcare to our friends and neighbors, we further support the community through taxes paid each year to local and state government for schools, roads, and public safety programs.

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is the most recommended financial institution in Alaska, serving 1 in 3 Alaskans who are member-owners. In Alaska, members utilize our network of 34 branches, 12 mortgage offices, 8 title and escrow offices, 4 insurance offices, 1 trust office, online services, and call center.

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Inc.

We provide a few local jobs and reliable energy to local businesses.

Aleut Corporation

The Aleut Corporation provides various programs for its shareholders, including but not limited to, dividends, scholarships, vocational training, burial assistance, cultural camps, etc.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.

Alaskans often refer to TAPS as the state's economic artery. Alyeska has more than 800 employees statewide and contracts with thousands more. Revenues from the pipeline fund more than 90 percent of Alaska's state budget, paying for things like schools, roads, public safety, and the Permanent Fund.

Alyeska Resort

Provides jobs for 700 Anchorage and Girdwood residents. Guests also visit local businesses while at the resort (shopping, activities, restaurants).

American Fast Freight, Inc.

Delivering building materials, fresh produce, household goods, and many other items to the people of Alaska.

American Seafoods Group LLC

Maximize the value of fishery resources off the coast of Alaska, employment, support for fishery research, economic contributions to Alaskan communities.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Since incorporation, ASRC has distributed a total of more than three quarters of a billion dollars in dividends to its shareholders. Besides dividends, ASRC shareholders have also benefited from employment, education, and training opportunities.


In the first half of 2013, AT&T had a capital investment of nearly $45 million in Alaska.

Bering Straits Native Corporation

Bering Straits responsibly pursues business opportunities while placing a high emphasis on in-region economic development. Bering Straits is committed to providing meaningful benefits to shareholders and in 2013 the company returned a record dividend to its shareholders.

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.

BP Alaska has roughly 2,300 employees and more than 6,500 contractors. The company spent more than $1.59 billion with Alaska companies in 2012, with overall spending in Alaska more than $2.07 billion.

Bristol Bay Native Corporation

BBNC employs over 1,300 Alaskans in the construction, oilfield and industrial, and government service industries. Last year BBNC awarded over $480,000 in scholarships and distributed $13.8 million in dividends to its shareholders. Annually, BBNC makes $500,000 in corporate contributions in Alaska.

Calista Corporation

Calista's family of...

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