That We May Resurrect.

Author:Sewell-Murphy, Gloria Jean

That We May Resurrect From beneath the cold chill of winter.... The Soul mind stirs and wakens... a pulse at last Is heard, weak but steady. Over mighty cliffs, ancient rock beds A mystic waterfall flows free....' Cross pathways Of the ages, returning to ponder the babbling brook downstream. Where the wisdom of time speaks in primal voice... an echoed Cadence now remembered, remembered, remembered In a language Heard the world over... a timeless chorus in Universal harmonies.... The Cry... For Freedom and Justice rang out, overshadowed and stifled But not dead. We've reached beyond 50 years To redeem our past and to honor our visionaries. Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones), first to declaim the inequalities and To propel us into uncharted dimensions and orbits.... Modern 20th Century, dynamic vernacular, word tapestries, The beat.A burgeoning anti-system, griot-warrior... "We Shall Overcome" our peace-maker architects, Martin, Rustin; "By Any Means Necessary," our Manhood, Malcolm X; Hamer, Height; Stokely, Kwame Ture, and Willie Ricks gave form and strength To set Free The fist of our Power, that struck gut deep To paralyze an unjust Nation and to spark the rise Of OUR new vision, one that would reshape unequal contours In America's Psyche landscape. Larry Neal, like Alan Locke, saw into the heart and soul Of our rush toward Cultural Sovereignty: "The Black Arts Movement," Panther's March on California's Capitol, "Power to the People," The Last Poets. Maulana Karenga's, Nguzi Saba: Kwanzaa; Nathan Hare, "Toward an Educational Reform": First Black Studies Chair;. And, Gil Scott, Godfather Rap: "The Revolution, Winter in America," sampled in hip hop... scratch, the beat... Run, TuPac, Common, Lamar, "Straight Outta Compton:" Ice T; Simone.... Pan African resurgence hallmark: Black Theatre, Poetry, Dance Hansberry, NEC-Ward-Hooks, Ailey, Bullins, Marvin X. Pontiflet, LHT-SF Milner, Maya, OET-Thompson, Mitchell, Baldwin, NFT-Woodie K, Haley, Reed, B&B-Booker, Fields, Black Rep-Vaughn, Ellison, Walker, Sanchez, Cicely, EGYPT-Gibson, Belafonte, Morrison, Winfrey, Brooks, Nikki, Ktozake. R. White, EMA-Vernita, Kelly Marie, Beckford, Cayou, Dimensions, Osumare. Karamu House: 100 years hence, we celebration and honor you.... Visual magery transformed: Driskell, Chandler, Carraway, Catlett, E. J. Hammons, Woody J., BAC-Monroe, Ringgold, Samella, C.White, Delsarte, Lawrence, Bearden, Donaldson, Clark, Saar and Biggers, Ashton,III, Pam Grier, Daniels...

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